CSR Framework

Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of the Max Energy mission is to be a responsible organization for future growth through good corporate governance and sustainable business practices, we have been committed to Corporate Social Responsibility since the establishment of Max Energy by not only being a family member of Ayeyarwady Foundation but also following the guideline of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).


Max Energy is committed to implement capacity development programs for our employees. Moreover, we are supporting the people who are employee’s children, University distance education students and basic education students for their study.


As a responsible company, we are always ready to contribute to our society not as a charity group but as a socially responsible organization for better future together with Ayeyarwady Foundation.


Max Energy is taking emphasis on health care activities so as to create safest and healthiest working zones. Also, we are always seeking the opportunities to embrace in health care matters as a helping hand in a given society.


One of the organization’s aims has always been protecting the environment by providing lower Sulphur content products, encouraging recycle initiatives and inspiring to create green environment.